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Sign Up For a Publisher Account

It literally takes only 5 minutes to get started


The first step is to create a publisher account so you can gain access to the dashboard and create your ad placements.

Create an Advertising Placement

Creating placements on our self-serve platform is an easy 3-step process.


  1. Select which advertising placement you want to create.
  2. Choose which ad categories you will allow on your site.
  3. Set the minimum CPM price you are willing to accept. 

Paste a Snippet of Code Onto Your Website

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Once you have created your placement our system will produce a small snippet of code that you simply copy and paste onto your website. 

The process is really easy and don’t worry, if you need any help our live support will be able to guide you you through every step of the way.



Start Earning Revenue

After this is completed your placement will go LIVE and you can
start earning revenue from the blacklisted industries.


Your placement will then be auctioned off to the highest bidder in real-time allowing you to earn even more than the minimum CPM price you set.

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