how much do i need to start advertising?

Unlike other advertising solutions, you don’t need to spend thousands of dollars to test out a new campaign.

You can get started with as little as $5.

is it legal to advertise blacklisted products and services?

Yes. just because Facebook or Google won’t approve your ads does not mean it is illegal to market your business. Your ability to grow should not suffer due to their policies.

is the advertising platform hard to use?

Grow Advertising was designed to accommodate first-time marketers. Our simple step-by-step processes will have you up and running within minutes.

as a publisher can i run google ads and grow advertising at the same time?

Yes. Our software allows publishers to earn revenue from both the mainstream and blacklisted industries at the same time. You can easily set this up on the platform.

is this platform only for rookie marketers?

No. Our platform is easy for new marketers to learn but also includes all of the advanced targeting and reporting features that veteran digital marketers demand. 

how much money can i make as a publisher?

Our platform is unique and allows you to set the minimum CPM you are willing to accept. We then auction it off to the highest bidder to maximize  your revenue.  

google and facebook banned my ads!
Can i run them here?

Yes. As long as you are advertising a legal product or service you can use our platform to buy and sell advertising space without the fear of your ads being disrupted.

do i have any control over which ads appear on my site?

Yes. During the zone creation setup you have the ability to decide which categories of ads you will allow. Additionally, you can stop any banner on your site from the dashboard.

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